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Process of Municipal Building Permission Online

Process of Municipal Building Permission Online: Call 8349291103 Ashish Bhargava

Municipal corporations are an essential structure of administration today in the Indian Government system. There’re several important issues such as building construction & developments permission are handled by Municipality. 

Nobody can carry out any kind of development work that includes land development by laying out suitable plots and development of land or erect and make alterations and demolish any construction without first getting the separate building permit or commencement certificate for such development work or building from its Planning Authority. 

To make sure the right technical standards are followed with building construction, construction completion, and safety; Municipality require the help of Civil Engineers. 

There’s a huge demand for the property from a reputed builder who is well-known for best quality construction. The buyers are ready to pay a good amount for getting all the approvals required.

But, for any plan or project to get constructed, the builder must have a certain set of approvals and sanctions from the authorities concerned. The building formed without the needed approvals may invite penalties in form of fines & prosecution.

Municipal Building Permission Checklist: 

Most of the times, the town planning authority only gives house permission after they properly investigate the BMC building permission rules: 

  • Type & nature of building 

  • Does the layout of a building meet certain conditions that are laid out by building permission rules? 

  • What type of development is needed? (In such case, the infrastructure development covers the junction improvements, road widening, construction of the parks, subways, playground, parking area, and more). 

  • Finally calculating & collecting admission fees, regularization charges, development charges, license fees, demolition fees, scrutiny fees, and various other costs. All the given charges will be collected before the government issues building permits.

Getting Building Permission

It is important to get approval from the government authority for the sanction of your building plans or building permit. Building approval includes building plan & layout approval for constructing the building.

Building Plan:

The builder must submit their building plan before they start any kind of construction activities. These plans are graphical representations that state what the building may appear like after the construction is done.

The building plan makes sure that the building complies with proper building laws.

When a building plan is approved by the officials, builder can commence their building work in next 2 years and has to make sure there is no deviation from the sanctioned plan.

Approval of Layout

  • It is important for a builder to get proper sanction for the officials about the layout plan before going ahead with their residential or commercial construction of a said plot.

  • Sub-divided lands in various plots with no permission from officials are considered illegal or unapproved layouts.

  • No facilities like drainage, roads, street lighting to extend in those areas.

  • Constructing a building on an unapproved layout won’t be given any permission to get occupied or layout plots are treated as totally unlawful & exemplary penalties are levied as per the Municipal Laws.

Intimation of Disapproval (IOD)

IOD states conditions to be rightly complied with during various phases of the Under Construction Project. This condition is also called a Building Permit and is generally divided into three parts:

  • Right before the commencement of any construction work

  • During its construction period

  • After construction is done 

Commencement Certificate 

It is permission to begin construction from the local development authority. It is important to note that builders can’t lay “Foundation Stone” or “Build Boundaries” in an absence of these critical documents.

Why Is It Important to Look For Planning Permission Consultancy?

Building permission consultancy has become an important part of any construction project while building anything new, making major changes to the building, and changing the building use. This procedure isn’t always straightforward or unforeseeable problems will arise easily and in populated areas like Bhopal, planning permission is very important.