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How to Apply in Bhopal Nagar Nigam for House Permission?

If you’re getting your home constructed in the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal you have to follow some rules and regulations and look for permission from the authorities to get house permission. There are some restrictions on the usage of some resources.

Why Is House Permission Important?

To understand in an easy way, planning permission or house permission is approval required before different types of construction, expansion and sometimes demolition work will start on a project.

It’s often needed if you are:

  • Constructing something new

  • Making the huge change to the building, like building an extension

  • Changing the use of the building

Permission you need

You need to get permission from Bhopal Nagar Nigam for house approval. You can construct the property when the authority approves the building plan. Additionally, you might need a clearance certificate from your authority, besides clearances from state departments like environment, fire safety, and transport departments.

Apply for Online Permission

As a part of the citizen-friendly governance, one does not have to visit the municipal office to get construction permissions. The permission can be given online automatically if each document is in proper order in the stipulated time frame or it can be deemed approved.

An Act brought in huge penalties for the violations of rules. For the property tax, self-certification online is enough but if Collector detects any kind of discrepancy, then the property owner has to face the penalty of over 25 times its accurate amount. Significantly, an Act has got some strict provisions for the demolition of any illegal constructions without prior notice.

Responsibility to grant building permission normally lies with local planning authorities. But, local authority generally depends on the location you select to build your project. For municipalities, you must submit it to your Town planning department & for the villages you have to submit it to the Village Panchayat. You have to pay a fixed amount according to the area that you’re constructing for approval.

Depending on your project scope and where it is located, permissions will take a little time. Thus, you must have a little idea before filing for any such permits & the length of this process that can allow you to identify the start date for a project.

Why go to Planning Consultant to Get House Permission?

Hiring a professional house permission consultant before you buy a plot can save you money on buying the project that is not right. Plan permission consultants generally have complete knowledge about this matter hence they may advise you to go with the right options available.

Getting the government approval will be a time-consuming process; so it is always good that you leave this to an expert

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Go For Quality Construction

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