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How to Get Online Building Permission in Bhopal for House and Duplex

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Getting the proper building permission has become must very simple from Bhopal Municipal Corporation. BMC has given powers of building permission and approval to the practicing architects – it is a step taken for any corporation in Bhopal. contact today 8349291103 for getting quick Online building permission in bhopal.

Understanding the Process of House Permission

Before constructing any structure or building, it is important to get house permission in Bhopal from the authority and sanction of building plans or permit under Building Byelaws, Local Body Acts and Master plan sanction. Building approval includes building plan and layout approval for any building constructed.

Why get proper building permission?

As per law, a person cannot erect, re-erect and make any addition or alterations in the building and do without getting the separate house map approval from the concerned Authority. A builder needs to have proper approval and sanctions from their concerned authority for the construction of the building.

If any structure or home is constructed without any sanctions; then authorities can demolish that building without notice. So, the builder must first submit the House drawing approval in Bhopal before they start with the construction project and activities. These building plans are the graphical representation of what a structure or building will appear after construction.

This plan makes sure that the building complies with proper building laws. When the building plan gets approved, an architect must commence their construction work in a year and there must not be any deviation from its sanctioned plan.

Application for the House Layout Permission Online

Layout permission is an e-service offered by Town & Country Planning Bhopal. Using such a service you will get the Layout Permission online and track the status whenever you want during the approval process.

You can apply for the Layout Permission after getting the Preliminary Scrutiny Report. When you get the scrutiny report online, you may apply for Layout Permission.

Proper Building Plan and House layout:

  • An architect must submit the building plan before they start any construction activities. The building plan will ensure that the building complies with proper building laws.

  • When any building plan gets approved, an architect must commence the construction work within 2 years and there must not be any deviation from its sanctioned plan.

Getting Building Permissions from Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC)

Any maps for construction or reconstruction, within Bhopal Municipal Corporation, have to get validated by the permit issued by the Building Permission Department of Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

with us our house permission architect in Bhopal strongly suggests that documentary permission must be taken or you might set yourself for the strong financial and legal liabilities.

Building projects approval can be subject to various approvals and a list of Land & Government NOC’s. So, it will be a complete waste of your hard work and efforts if you don’t plan and manage the project through an accurate channel or fulfil every single formality important for building approval.

Architect Kshiti Bhargava is a professional architect who has far-reaching expertise and experience in handling various aspects of building projects and getting house drawing approval in Bhopal.

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