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Building plan approval or planning permission is an important thing to acquire if you want to turn a land into a viable building plot. Today, you will learn the complete process of getting Online Building permission or approval from the authorities for the residential and commercial properties in Bhopal.

Online House permission is a vital process when you’re planning to construct a residential or commercial unit or planning to add floors in your current building. To complete this process, it is important to hire a Architects / professional who has good knowledge about it and can complete the work on time. Hence, you must hire Our Online Building permission consultant Architect Shruti B. who will help you Get the house building approval/permission in Bhopal, MP. as per Rules and regulations of Govt. Authorities.

Understanding the Process 

Any projects, maps for the construction, within the grounds of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) have to be proper validated by the building permit that will be issued by the Building Permission Department of BMC or Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

Ar. Shruti strongly recommends that building permission is an important thing to have that sets you for the strong legal & financial liabilities.

Under the Madhya Pradesh Land Development Act (1984) and MP Municipal Act (1956), the Permission can be obtained just by submitting the following documents to the drawing section of BMC on a working day. 

Getting approval for the building plan can be a tiresome process. Starting Building construction before approval of the building plan from the authorities will be considered illegal. Suppose any construction is found it’s likely to get demolished and the developer would be held responsible for the legal proceeding under this given act. The majority of the time having government approval will be time-consuming & stressful; you should leave this task to a professional who has good experience like Architect Shruti B.. He will help you get the plan approval from government authorities for the residential and commercial construction.

What we Do:

We Provides Architectural services for getting building permission from Bhopal Nagar nigam.

Documents Required When Applying For House Permission

Here we have listed some important documents required for house permission at the Nagar Nigam Bhopal- 

  • Application form for House/Building Permission.

  • Notarised Registry of a Plot.

  • Nazool N.O.C. or BDA N.O.C. or Housing Board N.O.C.

  • Affidavit for House Permission

  • Map/Construction Plans (1 original Film & 7 Blue Prints)

  • Municipal Corporation NOC of a respective Ward.

  • Structural Stability Certificate by structural Engineer of earthquake 

Thus, the developer will be responsible to ensure that all permissions & approvals from the relevant authorities are rightly fulfilled. The process not just differs from one state to another but also from one city to another. Thus, it is important to check every aspect before you take building or plan approval.

Contact our Building Permission Consultant For House permission and approval of the building services in Bhopal. Suppose you are looking for a professional who will help you with house approval or permission plans you must contact us. We provide the right advice & cost-effective support to all our clients.

Why Hire Planning Consultant to Get House Permission?

Hiring a planning consultant to get approval before buying the land can save you lots of money on purchasing a project, which turns out not very feasible. Planning permission consultants generally have complete knowledge about this matter hence they will recommend you to take the right options available. Getting government approval will be a time-consuming & stressful process; you should leave this to the expert hands.

Contact Ashish Bhargava to get house permission from the authorities for residential & commercial construction. His only goal is to help his valued clients to sustain the best standards of living in Bhopal. What are you waiting for? Contact him now and get all the details.



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