Online House Permission

Online House Permission in Bhopal

In Bhopal, getting your building plan approved online can be a tiring process. Commencing any building construction without proper permission of authorities will prove illegal and that building constructed portion will be liable for demolition or the developer can be prosecuted on a said act.

Thus, the developer needs to make sure all necessary approvals and permissions are taken from the authorities before they start commencing their construction. There are different authorities appointed to deal with various house drawing permission in Bhopal, so it is important to have the approval of any particular project. This process varies from one state to another state and it varies from one city to another.  

In Bhopal, the rule says that a person who wants to construct a building or house has to take house map permission from his architect or developer and deposit a certain fixed rate for the permission in the Nagar Nigam office.

The house permission will be granted subject to stringent scrutiny. It involves different stages that will start with the authenticity and identification of the land, geo-location, if that building conforms to various standards of safety and regulation, distance from a road, surrounding buildings, and height and various other criteria that are set by Municipal authorities, with a proper house design in Bhopal.

But, for any structure to get constructed, an architect or builder must have a set of approvals and sanctions from their concerned authorities. So, any structure that is built without the proper approvals may invite penalties in form of fines or prosecution. 

Pre-Construction and Development Procedure

  • Provide complete support and feasibility to the design team for the preparation of the architectural drawings and plans.

  • Submit their drawing reviews and give inputs on future hurdles or issues and prepare a proper road map to follow and resolve.

  • Prepare the right documentation and Submission form online.

  • Follow-up with the officers for proper Site Inspection and offer any inputs for the positive report.

  • Support for various other works such as registration and road affected area that is handed to authority.

What are the documents needed when applying for Home Building Permission?

Given are the following documents required for Duplex drawing permission in Bhopal at Nagar Nigam -

  • Application form for Home Building Permission.

  • Notarised Registry.

  • Nazool N.O.C., BDA N.O.C., Housing Board N.O.C.

  • Affidavit for the Building Permission

  • Map Plans (set of original Film & Blue Prints)

  • Municipal Corporation N.O.C.

  • Structural Stability Certificate for an earthquake by Engineer or agency

Final Words

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